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Keith's Animated Signatures & Names : Animated signatures and names, using various styles, for personalizing your e-mail, stationery and web-sites.

Animated Names by ARG! Cartoon Animation : ARG! Dancing Cartoon NAMES! Cartoon Animation assembled these 1,527 animated name GIFs letters. These GIFs are available for free.

Free Bird Name Animation : Original Animated signatures and names.  : Personalized Animated Name used in Email Signatures with FREE Animated Greetings,
 Quotes, Singlish in GIFs format. - Free Animated names and signatures : GJ Designs offers an extensive collection of
 animated names and signatures and original digital graphics such as animations, cartoon dollz, etc.

Animated Email Signatures : Use a real signature on emails and documents. Signature, are digitized and animated for use by the computer or email programs. Accepted payment made by via PayPal or money order.

Animated Names Site : Index listing of signatures to choose from with instructions on how to save the animated GIFs.

Catwoman's Creations : Index listing of signatures arranged alphabetically.

Cheryls Signatures : Designs animated signatures for email, gifts and websites. Made to client specifications. . .

Dan's Quill & Ink Signatures : 100's of animated quill names that can be downloaded and used in email and web pages. Tutorial available on making animated names. : Free animated signatures for use with email clients. Includes instructions. Custom signatures available upon request for a fee.

Fancy Signatures : Sparkling animated signatures arranged alphabetical.

Fantasy Zone : Collection of animated names signatures, quill and ink, and names handwritten signatures.

Free Animated Signatures : Signatures for e-mail, no two are the same. Signatures are made to the individual request of each person.

Gallery of Animated Names : Animated names can be made in any color, any font and with any writing instrument. Feel free to use the animations for personal web sites or e-mail, a link back required.

Great Bellies Quill and Ink Names : Free high quality quill signatures.

Keith's Animated Signatures : Animated signatures and animated names for personalizing e-mail, stationery and websites. : Custom made personalized animated signatures of any name for use in email clients, stationery and web sites. Free email signatures available. Full instructions how to use also on the site.

My John Hancock : Free and custom animated e-mail signature files, also provides information on how to set up a signature file in an email client.

Signature Creator : Delphi forum for creating an HTML signature, using a program created for users of this forum. 

This n That Graphics : Indexed collection of free animated signatures for personalizing email. A variety of styles and colors are available for downloading.

Toni Tags : Supplier of free, custom-made animated names as graphic GIFs, personalized for use in email signatures and other messages.

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